"A Wise father is better than a
hundred school Masters"

1. Every student will be provided diary and it should be brought daily.

2. Physical Education is compulsory for all pupils. No pupil will be exempted from physical education classes unless specially permitted by the principal.

3. Parent - Teachers meetings to provide measures for improvement in studies, are the special features of this institution.

4. Regular attendance and punctuality should be strictly observed. Late attendance will be admitted only with the permission of the Principal.

5. To avoid last minute rushing in the midst of heavy traffic VI std to XII std students are requested to enter the school, ten minutes before the scheduled time of arrival.

6. Students will be permitted to leave the school during school hours only with their Parents' written request and the Permission from the Principal.

7. Use of cell phones is strictly prohibited inside the school Campus.

8. Any change in your office/residential address or phone number may be intimated to the office.

9. As the Medium of Instruction is English, Parents are recommended to converse in English with their wards.

10. Meeting the class teachers or calling them over phone, during school hours is strictly Prohibited.

11. During break time no pupil should remain in any of the class rooms.

12. School does not encourage private tuitions. If for any reason you are fixing private tuition, please inform the Principal for consideration

13. Gold & other costly jewels and unnecessary articles which might attract the attention of other students & cause disturbance will not be allowed inside the school.

14. Absence from classes for more than two days will be permitted only on submission of a leave application from parents and with the approval of the principal.

15. Attendance is compulsory on days of National celebration and on Re-opening days.

16. Parents/Guardians are not allowed to see their children or interview the teachers during the school hours. It can be done before or after class hours.